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About the Pratt County Historical Museum

Our Museum

As you tour the Museum, take yourself back in time to pre-historic fossils unearthed in Pratt County and elsewhere, to artifacts left behind by several tribes of Indians who hunted along Turkey Creek and the Ninnescah River.

Open sky, virgin prairie and the right to acquire land, welcomed farmers and ranchers who made their way across the Kansas Prairie in covered wagons to settle and form towns in Pratt County. The prairie was quickly dotted by sod homes, many small towns and railroads. See the tools, cookware, furniture, clothing, quilts, handwork and toys used over a period of years from the 1870’s to the present.

Walk the North Gallery and the boardwalk on Main Street to see businesses of the nineteenth century. Rooms of this period show case the one-room school, homes, physician office, dental office and courtroom.

Remember the Pratt County men and women who served in all wars from the Civil War to Operation Iraqi Freedom by viewing the military displays. View photos of the Pratt Army Air Field which played a significant role in World War II from 1943 – 45 with its B-29 planes.

The Susan H. Hess Memorial Room showcases talents and collections of Pratt County people. This exhibit changes throughout the year and encourages frequent visits. Other exhibits also change as additional items are donated.

The Museum also has a library for Pratt County and family history research. The Museum of the Pratt County Historical Society is a “must” stop when you visit South Central Kansas.

Our Staff

Museum Curator: Charmaine Swanepoel

Office Manager: Carol Matulka

Host Coordinator: Kay Sewell

Janitor: Janice Becker

Janitor: Lisa Schmidt

If you would like to be a host/docent contact Kay Sewell. 

Our Board of Directors

President: Tim Kuhn
Vice President: Kent Goyen
Treasurer: Thad Henry
Secretary: Deb Boley

Madeline Martin
Marjory Buck
Paula Blasi
Janell Mead
Tom Frazier
Darrel Brehm
Bill Eastes

Our Funding Sources

Donations to the museum come from the following sources:

  • Visitor donations – A donation kettle is at the front desk along with a guest registry book.

  • Memorials – In memory of family members after their death.

  • “Happy Birthday” donations – For someone who “has everything and doesn’t need anything else”, give a donation in their name.

  • “In Memory Of” and “In Honor Of” wall plaques – $250 and $1,000 donations.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

President: Tim KuhnMarjorie Buck
V. President: Kent GoyenBill Eastes
Secretary: Debbie BoleyTom Frazier
Treasurer: Thad HenryMadeline Martin
Paula BlasiJanell Mead
Darrel Brehm 

Meet Our Team

Our Team

Curator: Charmaine Swanepoel

Office Manager: Carol Matulka

Host Coordinator: Kay Sewell

Tour Hostess: Vacant